Deborah Fagan
Registered Member MBACP (Accred)
07950 499165 - email

Deborah Fagan - Registered Member MBACP (Accred.) Counsellor/Psychotherapist

I offer integrative and psychotherapeutic counselling and have extensive experience with adolescents and school children as well as vulnerable adolescents and adults. I have helped in assisting them with substance and alcohol abuse and family conflicts and I also work in an Emotion Focussed way with groups on self-esteem and anger management. I am also a couples counsellor and work with familes.

I work face to face and also by phone and online.


I use visualisation techniques for relaxation.


I have worked as a counsellor on mental health cases using the guidelines of the DSM V (previously DSM IV), with the organisations MIND and ‘Together’. I worked with these clients on a long-term basis, which was often combined with drug treatment provided by a consultant psychiatrist and with consultations with their CPNs.


I am a fully qualified clinical therapeutic Supervisor, working with both individuals and groups. I support trainee psychotherapists and counsellors as well as those who are fully accredited in their practice with ongoing issues and containment in their professional role.


Location & Access In the London Borough of Wandsworth, near Tooting Bec Common, close to Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway Tube stations, and Balham Tube/Rail station. Buses 319, 155, 219, 355, 249.


Testimonials Due to the nature of counselling, no names have been included.



"I've been with Deborah for about two years and had a range of broad issues that I'd come to her about. Through this time the nurturing, safe space that she created really supported me to dig deep and process some very complex thoughts and feelings. On top of that she gave me some really great grounding techniques that help with my anxiety and stress.

Through the work, I felt comfortable opening up about things that have been so difficult to talk about in the past and I think that Deborah’s naturally soothing energy has helped me to do that. The growth I've seen in myself I didn't think was possible. I'm really grateful for all of the support and this space."


“Deborah was amazing in the way she helped me to see issues from different perspectives and to think outside the box, so that I could solve my problems.”


"I had been working with Deborah for 12 sessions and thought that I had dealt with all of my issues. Through further work I became aware of deep seated issues from childhood which were linked with my alcohol misuse. I realised I had been using alcohol as a crutch and a mask to disguise the pain. Over time and with Deborah's support I was able to reduce my intake and work through the pain until I was finally able to discard the mask and become more self aware. By the end of 24 sessions I was finally able to support myself emotionally and psychologically without the need for alcohol."


"Deborah helped me through using shells, stones and marbles to see myself and get a better understanding of my feelings which I was finding difficult to put into words. Also I found her clay easy to use without talking. I could break it up, add to it and change its positions when talking about my family. Sometimes it's hard to keep opening up on my sessions and it felt easier to use materials. I loved the session work with my therapist, I found it easy and natural to talk to Deborah. I always worried what we would talk about but once in my session it always felt like 5 minutes and I have always benefited from our sessions and will not hesitate to return in the future if I need to."


"Deborah, just to say a very big thank you for putting up with me for quite some time.
You have opened my eyes and helped me to understand and work on things I didn't even know I had to.
You have been so patient and kind and warm hearted."


From couples:


"We just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us with our marriage.
You have helped us to renew and strengthen our love for each other. We have devloped better ways of communicating.
Although afraid to now embark on our journey without you, we feel that we have the tools to continue to grow."


From children:


"You were a good helper and wish you could stay."


"Thank you Deb for making me be good"


Supervision work:


Working with Deborah I always feel contained and safe, she has a broad and an in depth knowledge and experience that she shares as my supervisor. She can also work in a creative and experiential way.


I find that there is nothing I cannot share with Deborah and I feel very confident and comfortable with being vulnerable when presenting my case load, I never feel judged or wrong, I have learnt a lot and I feel challenged to improve myself professionally and ethically.


Deborah has an astute knowledge of the BACP framework and I have had the privilege to attend a presentation that Deborah had delivered, it was educational, well communicated and engaging.

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